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Mothers Against Gang Violence (MAG Violence) was developed May 16, 2017 by Tekesia Shields, a mother who experienced the horror of peer pressure from community gangs and teen decisions making.


MAG Violence has connected with several community resources to provide assistance with improving our youth behaviors and providing education, hope and support for parents who are in need of additional comfort.


Mothers Against Gang Violence helps teens avoid gangs, provide teens with love, enable the teen to feel powerful and help teens feel needed with the help of the community.  One of the ways we set out to accomplish this objective is by presenting opportunities and exposure to students who may not be engaged in productive activities outside of the home.


Tekesia Shields is a mother of four wonderful sons and an awesome grandmother. Ms. Shields worked over 12 years as a case manager, educating mothers on the importance of prenatal and infant mortality prevention. Over the years, Ms. Shields has encouraged not only her own sons, but several families whom lives she’s touched on a daily basis.

Tekesia Shields decided to start an organization called Mothers Against Gang Violence (MAG Violence), due to her trails of raising her own sons. Ms. Shields received services and education that she felt a need to share with the community which may save lives of many youth of today.

After receiving honors from Atlanta Public Schools and Center for Black Women’s Wellness, Tekesia Shields decided to walk in her destiny and plant seeds that will nourish the community.

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